ALC Students Explore Dubuque's Heritage - Heritage Works Dubuque
Heritage Works leverages architectural heritage to drive community revitalization and economic development in the Dubuque, Iowa area.
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ALC Students Explore Dubuque’s Heritage

  • Lot One brick
  • ALC Students in Platinum LL
  • Main st. cast iron

About This Project

Heritage Works partnered with Dubuque Community Schools’ Alternative Learning Center to provide historic tours to U.S. History classes. Students explored Dubuque’s Lower Main and Historic Millwork Districts and learned about the connections between Dubuque’s historic buildings and the historical events from their text books.

With the inspiration and knowledge gained from their field trips, students worked in groups to research and produce museum-style exhibits connecting a local topic to national events from 1890 – 1950.

The completed exhibits are on display at Heritage Works’ office through¬†mid-November.

Special thanks to: Tim Hitzler, U.S. History teacher, for bringing us this unique opportunity; Jason Neises, Dubuque Historian, for your expertise and tour guide skills; and Mary Gronen, for teaching the students about the CARADCO renovation project.


Dubuque, IA

Education and Training, Outreach & Promotion