Dubuque’s new non-profit dedicated to historic preservation is preparing to launch a catalytic new program to help redevelop and revitalize Dubuque’s historic neighborhoods. Heritage Works has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the 1772 Foundation for the development of a Historic Properties Redevelopment Program.

The Historic Properties Redevelopment Program will utilize the preservation expertise of Heritage Works to aid the efforts of the City of Dubuque, community organizations, and private developers on transformational projects in Dubuque’s historic neighborhoods. The program anticipates using a variety of tools, including grants, federal and state historic tax credits, and low-interest loans. In the first phase of the program, Heritage Works will contract with an outside consultant to fully evaluate how Heritage Works’ program can augment existing programs and where opportunities exist for new strategies for catalytic and economically viable neighborhood revitalization. This phase is expected to last through the end of 2016.

According to 1772 Foundation Executive Director Mary Anthony, “Historic properties redevelopment programs… greatly increase the number of historic buildings we can save and put back into use by the community. Unlike more reactive, traditional preservation models, they are proactive and robust; they move at the speed of the market, using the same tools and financing as for-profit developers. The 1772 Foundation awards grants for real estate education, fellowships, feasibility studies, and business plans in addition to increasing the capacity of existing programs through grants and loans to help grow this increasingly important sector of the historic preservation field.”

Heritage Works CEO, Duane Hagerty, commented: “This is a very exciting step for our organization and for the community at large. Our Historic Properties Redevelopment Program will open up new opportunities for funding and collaboration. It will help remove the barriers to historic redevelopment projects that individuals and smaller developers are currently facing. More redevelopment projects mean more reinvestment in Dubuque’s historic areas like Jackson Park and the Washington neighborhood.”


About Heritage Works: Heritage Works leverages Dubuque’s architectural heritage to drive community revitalization and economic development. Through collaboration, assistance with financing, advocacy, and education, Heritage Works preserves our community’s history to invigorate its future. For more information about Heritage Works, visit www.heritageworksdbq.com.

About The 1772 Foundation: The 1772 Foundation was named in honor of its first restoration project, Liberty Hall in Union, NJ, which was built in 1772 and is the ancestral home of the Livingston and Kean families. The late Stewart B. Kean was the original benefactor of The 1772 Foundation. The 1772 Foundation works to ensure the safe passage of our historic buildings and farmland to future generations. More information about The 1772 Foundation may be found at www.1772foundation.org.